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How To Negotiate Your Salary

Evan Lefkowitz
Administrative Associate

Whether you are getting your first job or are transitioning between companies during the middle of your career, being able to negotiate your salary is a vital skill for everyone to have. Negotiating salary describes the interaction between you and a member of your future or current place of employment where you attempt to increase your salary. In this blog, I will give four tips that will give you the tools to get the money you feel you deserve.

Step One: Be confident. Confidence is one of the best human attributes as it perceived as attractive and respected. When negotiating your salary, you must project an inner beam of confidence to the company representative. You must believe in yourself and prove to them that you are worth investing more money than they had originally figured.

Step Two: Know your worth. When negotiating your salary, you want to ask for a reasonable and rational increase. Do not ask for a ten thousand increase after working one year in an entry level position. Conduct research and see what similar employees are making in your given position in competing companies. If they are making more, make a compelling argument regarding how you feel that you should be equally compensated for the same job.

Step Three: Let the company representative make the first offer which will you not accept. In any form of negotiation, you always let the other person make the first offer in order to see where their head is at. Let the hiring manager make the first move so that you can reject their offer and counter with a higher offer. This will project a level of comfort and self-assurance.

Step Four: Have a copy of the agreement in writing. After getting the salary increase you desire, get a form of verification as an extra level of protection. Ask that the new documentation of your salary include a brief description of your duties, the newly agreed upon amount, and a place for you and the company representative to sign and date.

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