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CareerNation Hosts 2016 Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program (VWEEP)

Press Release

VWEEP October 2016

October 21, 2016 , 2016 (NEW YORK) – CareerNation, a leading provider of human resources for Africa and the United States, hosted its inaugural VWEEP at Yale School of Management. The weeklong program attracted women executives in the corporate, government, non-profit, and entrepreneurial arenas who work in Africa, or whose work focuses on Africa.

The program was conceived in response to the new global professional environment, in which more women are assuming leadership roles in business and government in Africa, and more women executives in the United States and globally are taking on industry-specific assignments in Africa or related to Africa. It provides a platform for African women executives and their peers in North America to learn cutting-edge sustainable leadership skills from thought-leading faculty at Yale, share experiences and best practices, and form relationships that will benefit their careers and their respective organizations.

“I am extremely pleased CareerNation is partnering with the Yale School of Management to offer this important program. As more women move into leadership roles in business in Africa, and more women globally take on assignments in Africa or related to Africa, it makes sense to bring them together to exchange ideas and form relationships that will benefit their careers and their respective organizations,” says Victor T. Madubuko, founder and CEO of CareerNation. “This is precisely what VWEEP will do, while at the same time imparting cutting-edge leadership skills, strategies and concepts from Yale’s distinguished faculty.” Molly Nagler, Associate Dean of the Yale School of Management’s Executive Programs noted “Our school is excited about CareerNation’s program because it will help professional women working in Africa, build mutual understanding and cultural ties, and prepare women to give their firms the competitive advantages associated with improved diversity among top management teams.”

Over VWEEP’s five days, participants attended sessions on strategic thinking, growth strategies, team development, decision-making and communications, and leading change. Pre-program preparation comprised case studies, a video lecture on corporate governance, and a leadership assessment discussed by an executive coach during the program. Participation is open to senior-level executives who meet the participant criteria. Corporations that do business in Africa are invited to sponsor and nominate candidates for participation.

The 2017 VWEEP is scheduled from April 16-21, 2016.

Contact vweep@careernation.com, or to enroll go to https://careernation.com/careernation-academy/vweep