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CareerNation Elects Sibonile Dube to VWEEP Advisory Board


April 1, 2016, New York – CareerNation has elected another outside member to the Board of Advisors for the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program (VWEEP) at Yale University.

Sibonile Dube is the Corporate Affairs Director (Southern & Central Africa) for Unilever. She has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Sociology, a National Diploma in Journalism and is completing a Master of Management in Strategic Marketing at Wits Business School.

“[CareerNation is] eager to harness Sibonile’s expertise in corporate communications,” says CareerNation CEO and Executive Director of the VWEEP, Victor Madubuko, “And we know that with her help this program can really get its footing.”

Sibonile has over 15 years’ experience working in Corporate Communications, Employee Engagement, Media Relations, Government Relations and Sustainability. She has held various positions within multinational companies in diverse industries amongst them Ford Motor Company and Nokia.

At Unilever, Sibonile is responsible for leading the company in the delivery of an effective Communications strategy in South Africa and the Southern African region countries of Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

“I know that with her aid, the Advisory Board will prosper as it tirelessly markets the program and sees it succeed,” says the VWEEP Program Manager, Zachary Avina, “And I know I share Sibonile’s sentiments by saying that I hope she will stick with us in future exhibitions of the program.”

For inquiries on getting involved with the VWEEP and the Board of Advisors, contact the Program Manager and Business Development Strategist, Zachary Avina, at 1-267-251-5901, or zachary@careernation.com, or to enroll go to https://careernation.com/careernation-academy/vweep/program-curriculum.