Program Curriculum [October 2016]

Woodbridge Hall

Pre-program Preparation: for classroom discussion

  • Case Studies: “What Makes a Leader?”
  • Video-lecture on Corporate Governance
  • Leadership Assessment for Executive Coach Input

Day One: Strategic Thinking Skills

  • The Business Case for Diversity: The Real ROI
  • Corporate Strategy Development in Uncertainty
  • Problem Framing: Reframing Challenges
  • Non-market Strategy: Government Relationships
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception and Dinner

Day Two: Growth Strategies

  • The Barriers to Innovation
  • Experimentation: Test & Learn
  • M&A Driven Growth
  • Executive Coaching Sessions in Small Groups
  • Case Preparation: “What Makes A Leader?”
  • Dinner and Guest Speaker: Women on Boards

Day Three: Leading Team Development

  • Optimizing Team Performance
  • From Autocrat to Advisor: Managing Effectively
  • Negotiations: Getting to Yes Collaboratively
  • Strategies for Personal Change
  • Drama School Coaching on Executive Presence
  • Brand Building: Marketing Yourself Gracefully

Day Four: Decision-making & Communications

  • Mind Games & Decision Bias
  • Crisis Management and Leadership Under Duress
  • Behavioral Economics: Decision-making
  • Designing Better Consumer Experiences
  • Celebration Dinner


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